We are playing an active role in connecting the real world with technologies that form the core of IT, such as AI and cloud, which are indispensable to the world. As a “digital twin” specialist who accurately captures and utilizes the entire space on a computer, our mission is to fully respond to all requests from customers and society.
At its core is drone technology that expands the field of activity on land, sea, and air. It is a drone technology that has made dramatic progress due to the evolution of self-sustaining control, the intelligence of the aircraft, and the onlineization, but in order to use its functions correctly and make more effective use, knowledge of digital twins is required. Everything in the real world is accurately reconstructed on the Metaverse, giving you the freedom to work with space and time series. Only when this environment is in place will the knowledge of AI and cloud technology be fully utilized.
We use drone technology to provide digital twin solutions and tackle social issues with all our might. Thank you for your continued support.

SkyOcean Capital Partners LLC,
C.E.O Yasushi Furukawa

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