History of services provided example
3D Measurement

2020 Large-scale measurement with 320,000 square meters fixed-wing drone

2021 Point cloud image data

Photovoltaic Panels Inspection

2021 Inspection of photovoltaic power generation panels


Disaster Survey

August,2021 Sediment disaster site survey

November,2021 Sediment disaster site survey


Infrared wall survey(Inspection)

2021 Infrared outer wall inspection


Aerial Photography

2021 Photo shooting of Lake Biwa

2021 Photo shooting of Shiga Sanderica Office


Spraying Business

We carry our pesticide spraying and disinfectant spraying business.


Demonstration project

Under joint demonstration project with local governments and universities.

Demonstration of inspection of water pipe bridges in cooperation with local governments. The acquired data will be digital twin and shared.

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