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We are developing business in the following 7 fields as a technical service.

1. Inspection field: Inspection of bridges solar panels, etc./Analysis service
2. Measurement field: 3D measurement/Analysis service
3. Video field: Video production/Aerial photography, dispatch of cameramen, video editing
4. Production field: Planning and implementation of drone light show
5. Spraying field: Contract spraying of pesticides and disinfectants.
6. Technical field: Automatic flight program creation/ Drone training
7. Sales field: Sales/ import of industrial drones/ production of original aircraft.

Inspection field

In the inspection field, we provide inspection services using industrial drones and infrared/visible light cameras. We also provide analysis service. The megawatt-class solar inspection service provides high-quality analysis and inspection report creation using infrared cameras and the world’s highest-level AI (our research). Infrared inspection of Mega Solar can provide time-series data of failure reports by conducting inspections continuously every year.

For bridge inspections, we offer inspections using Matrice 210RTK and US Skydio R2. Especially with US Skydio R2, stable flight is possible even in an environment where GPS cannot be captured. Since no compass error occurs, it is very useful for inspecting floorboards of railway bridges.

Measurement field

In the measurement field, we provide 3D aerial photograph measurement using drones, ortho-mosaic creation by laser measurement, and point cloud generation service. As a member of the i-Construction Promotion Consortium of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, we are leading the drone measurement field in Japan. We also rent GNSS surveying instruments, 3D laser scanners, and total stations. We also provide a point cloud generation service using Pix4D mapper.

Video field

In the video field, we are producing videos. Drone aerial photography also provides photography for research and observation purposes by using high altitude aerial photography and automatic flight.

Spraying field

In the spraying field, we use a drone to disinfect large-scale facilities such as arenas at once, and we also perform disinfectant spraying business and contract spraying of pesticides using a pesticide spraying drone. We use a drone registered by the Agriculture and Fisheries Cooperative that specialized in spraying pesticides. High spraying performance is achieved by using a strong downdraft with a propeller.

Technical field

In technical field, we deliver 3D automatic flight programs for drones, provide technical support for drones sold by our company, and cooperate with demonstration experiments using drones.

Sales field

In the sales field, we handle industrial drones, drone peripherals, optical instruments, surveying instruments and ultra-low temperature freezer for COVIT-19. We will promptly deliver to local public organizations, universities, hospitals, and corporations.


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